5 Tips to Organizing Meet and Greet Events to Promote your Local Business

As an entrepreneur, have you ever faced the challenge of organizing an event for promoting your business? Seriously, it’s important to know about holding a business event in a viable way. Remember, you transform into some business leader when you plan or sponsor a meet and greet event to promote your local business. You will bring entrepreneurs together and the event will be a talk shop. Meet and greet events are great if you want to give exposure to your local business. Below are some tips to pull off a meet and greet event successfully.

Try to Pick A Venue Intelligently

You will find numerous hotels that will allow you to have a meet and greet event in their patio area or lobby. If the bar is also connected to that space you get extra area free because they know they will earn on the drinks. On the other hand, make sure that the venue is easy to locate, up-scale and has a good area for parking. Try to minimize any kind of frustration that people might go through while reaching your event or else you will sour them before even they step inside.

Event Check-In Should Be Super Smooth

Attendees should check in even if they aren’t paying anything for the event. This is a great idea if you want to track the number of people attended the event. Additionally, you can take their email address for follow-ups and future event announcements. Have loads of name tags and pens available, also the person doing the attendees checking task must be professional, friendly and polite.

Try to Meet Your Every Guest

It’s your event where you aim to promote your local business, therefore, ensure that you meet every person who comes. First welcome them, then introduce yourself and talk about their business and interests more. Be a good listener and take a genuine interest in their business because they will remember you for this.

Try to Become A Connector

When you meet people in your event, don’t miss the opportunity to connect people with same interests or those who can gain benefits from each other. For example, if you are meeting an inventor make sure you introduce him to some patent attorney in the event. Ask a writer to meet a magazine publisher in your event. You must also keep track of all these connections so that you follow up when you see them next time.

Keep Follow-ups

Keeping a follow up with the attendees is very important to enhance your next event. Ask them about the event arrangements, and get more ideas for making the future event better. You may also plan the coming up event with them.
Any meet and greet event is impossible if you fail to organize everything in a systematic manner. Therefore, if you follow the above-given tips, you will see your events grow. Very soon you will become the talk of your town which will consequently result in the growth of your local business.

5 tips for local service providers to provide excellent customer service

The success of your business comes down to two simple things: how satisfied are your customers with your service and how likely they are to refer your business to others. However, if winning customers is a tricky affair, then keeping them happy after sales is even trickier. If you think that providing a great service is all about your approach towards your customers, then you are in for a great surprise. It takes much more than that.

This article will look at five ways to provide excellent customer service, to help your local business excel in your chosen niche. Let’s take a look:

Keep your business centered around customers

There is no denying that a bad product or service is bound to fail, but if you are selling something good, then do not hesitate in centering it around your customers. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or a website, keep everything user-friendly and as per the taste of your target audience.

Convey your brand’s ethos through various communication channels. Provide business pamphlets or cards containing contact information including phone numbers, email address and social media handles to make sure your customers can reach you easily.

Respond quickly

Build help desks and support forums to help your customers contact you in case of any urgent query. And once you have such support systems in place, don’t forget to respond quickly. Understand the nature of different queries and reply to your customers’ time-sensitive requests as soon as possible.

Delaying a response on a client’s phone call, email, or chat can only lead to resentment. No matter whether their request or query can be solved immediately or not, acknowledging the request through a quick response can assure them that they are important to you – and that’s something customers always love knowing.

Get personal

In today’s digital era, personal touch is losing its way. To stand out from the rest of your competitors, add a bit of personalization in the way you interact with your customers. Rather than providing automated responses to queries, make the customers feel valued with personalized responses.

Reply to your customers’ comments on social media sites, send them handwritten notes on special occasions, or just call them to get a personal feedback on your service – after all, pleasing your customers doesn’t always have to be technical.

Do not ignore negative feedback

Addressing feedback rightly can help you bring back even your lost customers. You can turn a dissatisfied customer experience around by taking their feedback seriously and addressing the issue promptly.

There’s always a way to rectify a mistake. So, if your staff has failed to match your customer’s expectations, try to understand what solutions you can offer for standing up to them. Earning customer loyalty may be difficult at times but going that extra mile can be the driving force for your company’s success.


Amplify your customers’ happiness by following up with them after a few days to see how well your service suited their needs. Treat them as a part of your business family, and you will receive the love back. You can even conduct special webinars, trade shows and social media contests to provide information about what new your business is offering while rewarding your customers with special coupons, services, and prizes.

10 Types of Local Marketing you need to implement right away

Businesses that have an online as well as a physical presence can get the best of both worlds. While digital marketing can drive website traffic, local marketing can drive more foot traffic to a physical store. Also known as “location-based marketing”, Local Marketing helps businesses to find success locally.

Even though customer shopping is largely restricted to the web these days, there are still millions of customers who search for that go-to shop or store to get the products or services they need. So, to out-do local and global competition, a business must never stop its local marketing efforts. Here are ten types of local marketing strategies your business needs to adopt without further ado:

Take advantage of review sites Positive reviews go a long way in promoting your business and attracting local customers. Include these customer reviews into your organic social content to instill trust among potential customers, and ultimately increase store visits.

Use Facebook Ad Targeting Facebook, one of the most visited social-media sites, can help you build a stronger local customer base with its ads. Target these ads based on the audience’s location and let your posts reach only the customers you want to approach.

Visit networking events Face-to-face networking can never lose its touch. So, if you want your local audience to know you, then make sure to attend relevant networking events in your area. Be seen to be found.

Engage in charity Besides helping you be in the local news, getting involved in charity work is also important for your business to come across as a socially responsible and credible entity. You can sponsor local events or contribute funds to a social cause to create awareness about your business locally.

Include store information and map directions on your website Make your business easily accessible to local customers by providing information about store address, timings, contact details and a Google Maps widget that will help people reach your store without any difficulty.

Distribute a newsletter A crisp and concise newsletter can help any business create awareness within the local community. Email this newsletter every month to build a rapport with your existing customers and keep them involved with the initiatives your business is taking.

Stay updated on Google MyBusiness By giving instant visibility to your business on Google, Google MyBusiness helps you target your local clients instantly. All that you need to do is to claim your business listing. And once you have done that, maintain it to enhance your local presence.

Reach out to the local media A business can easily grab more eyeballs by getting an article published in a local newspaper. Whether you have an upcoming product launch or your business has achieved a milestone, a news article can generate incredible public interest in your brand.

Please your existing customers A discount offer or a special surprise gift can never go wrong in pleasing your customers. So, make the most of word of mouth marketing by taking care of your existing customers and increase your local presence.

Value your employees Offer vouchers or referral bonus to employees who recommend your business to their friends and families. Sometimes giving your employee network a referral nudge can create an awesome local customer portfolio for your business.

How to Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy?

Are you too overwhelmed with a multitude of platforms being pushed out in the name of digital marketing? If you are, this article is for you. Having a local business is like raising a pet. You need to give him a home, pamper him, get him acquainted with friends and family and never ever let it out in public all alone. Similarly, if you own a local business, you need to give it the right amount of time and effort to create a marketing strategy. Don’t overwhelm your business with too much marketing - both traditional and social media.

In this article, we cover some basic guidelines on how to simplify your marketing strategy to streamline your efforts and observe the more visible outcome.

Selective Social Media Management. There are over a 30 social media channels but we are not going to use all of them. Choose the best ones or the ones that make more sense to your business. For example, if you are running a flower shop or a retail store, Instagram and Facebook are the best ways to showcase your products and promote your business. You either choose selective social media channels for engagement or no social media at all, to get better results.

Mobile-minded website design. Speaking about mobile-minded website design is like talking about something back in the 2000s. Every other website that’s created recently is compatible with mobile displays. However, for local businesses, creating a mobile-minded responsive website design contributes to effective marketing. Mobile designs deliver good customer experience and simplify your local business marketing strategy.

Minimalist Designs. The internet is already flooded with multiple graphics containing boring texts and too much information. Honestly speaking, nobody will read too much content anymore. Simple, minimalistic designs that deliver the message in a straightforward tone are the need of the hour. Additionally, you may opt for a single call-to-action (CTA) buttons to drive further action from the potential clients.

Keep an eye on Insights. Launching multiple campaigns every month without analyzing the results means you are not heading in the right direction. Email Marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords - whichever is your objective, always take a pause every month or a quarter to measure your results and restructure your marketing plan.

Reduce and Reuse. Focus on a simplified marketing strategy. If you are a startup business, do not spend too much amount on marketing during the initial days. Instead, opt for a conscious spending. Reuse your existing content across all platforms in multiple ways. For example, if you have developed a blog article on 10 Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses, next time, you can create an infographic using the same content but a different style of presentation. This is called the Reduce and Reuse formula in simplified marketing.

Local Online Business Marketing is not a cakewalk for any startup or SMB. You can neither apply heavy marketing strategies like established brands nor ignore the importance of marketing. Follow this space for more tips on local marketing strategies. If you are planning to list your business on our community portal, do drop a message at info@go2pcr.com

10 Tips For Strategic Local Marketing

Local Online Marketing for your business looks simple, straightforward and no-brainer for most business owners. However, it is one of the most critical mode of marketing for your business, because businesses that master the local market can easily move forward to securing a larger multi-city market.

Speaking of Local Online Business Marketing, Go2PCR offers a great way to connect with the local customers, advertise your product & services, promote your business and reach a large customer base. Simply register on our portal and create a listing and gain access to one of the largest portal for PCR community residents.

This article intends to provide 10 tips to create an effective, strategic and robust local marketing model for your business. Here we go.

Tip #1 Create a Mobile-friendly website This is the first website to begin your local online business marketing practices. A majority of internet users are using mobile to view websites, hence a mobile-friendly responsive website is what you need in the first place.

Tip #2 Use Social Media for Engagement Whether you just started or have been in business for long, the right time to start social media management is right now. Home to a huge audience, and a large number of potential customers, social media is an inexpensive and easy way to explore those untapped client markets.

Tip #3 Keep your audience engaged Both traditional and digital marketing work with a common aim - customer engagement. Social Media plays a key role in engaging with existing customers, keeping them updated with new offers, deals and coupons; and generating new leads.

Tip #4 Know your Audience When it comes to local marketing, market analysis plays a key role. Knowing your audience before you launch any marketing strategy makes it easier to customize your marketing models as per your audience preference. Basic audience demographic information such as age, gender, occupation etc. are a great place to start off.

Tip #5 Use Call to Action (CTA) in Ads Call to Action (CTA) in Ads on your social profiles or digital ads can boost your ad performance and drive action. Using CTAs to get your audience to contact you rather than visiting your profile/website simplifies and makes your local marketing efforts more focussed.

Tip #6 Do not underestimate the power of blog articles Local businesses do not consider blog writing as a critical process when it comes to marketing. Adopting regular blogging practices not only boost your SEO efforts but also showcases your expertise in the field.

Tip #7 Focus on Quality, not Frequency In regards to social media management or content writing, most businesses focus on publishing writeups and articles on regular basis rather than adopting a content strategy that focuses on results. It is essential to create a consistent and active content marketing strategy; however, it is more essential to create quality content that can capture audience attention and boost brand reliability.

Tip #8 Hire an SEO Expert. Local Business Marketing is a synonym of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing your website & blog articles with the right keywords not only boost your site search engine ranking but also drives more visitors to your website, contributes to lead generation, and thereby overall growth of your business.

Tip #9 Follow the 80-20 Rule. As much as we agree that digital marketing is a critical part of your business marketing strategy, never underestimate the power of other traditional marketing methods. If 80% of your marketing model comprises digital marketing; then 20% should comprise SMS Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing and Affiliate Marketing among others.

Tip #10 Local Networking. As a local business, it is essential that you are aware of the businesses in your area in order to increase exposure and attract more customers. Networking includes attending local business events, meeting with other related service providers to grow your network for referral marketing.

How to promote your listing on online business directories?

Increasing the customer base is the key objective of any business. While there are many ways to promote your business offline or in person, online business promotion is gaining high popularity due to the quick audience reach that it offers. A highly powerful way to market your business online is to register it on some of the leading online business directories. Here’s what you need to know about online business listings and ways that can help you promote them.

What are Online Business Directories?

  Online business directories are reliable listing sites and communities that index businesses, based on the products or services they provide and the categories they belong to. Some key examples of these directories are Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google My Business. Potential customers who need a particular product or service search these sites to find businesses that fulfill their needs and contact them without having to wander here and there. Customers also provide their comments and rankings to the businesses listed on these directories, to help others make an informed decision. Thus, these directories are a boon for not just businesses but also for customers.

How does listing your business on online business directories help your business?

By listing your business on online directories, there are several benefits that you get to experience. Some of the benefits that you can experience by using online business directories are:

  • They provide a cost-effective way of advertising your business
  • Your business gets an enhanced local visibility
  • Business listings work on word of mouth publicity, which gives a business the credibility it needs
  • These directories help you expand your business’s online presence
  • These listings also help in improving the search engine rankings of your business’s website
  • They help in increasing brand awareness and facilitate more customer interaction than what’s otherwise possible

How to promote your business listing on online business directories?

You may think that submitting your website to an online business directory is easy. Well, it is, but you will have to do some good work to promote these listings and reap the benefits that they offer. Here’s how you can do that:

Link your business’s social media accounts

Your business profile on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is a powerhouse of information about your business. In today’s time, where a large segment of your prospective customers lives on these sites, it makes absolute sense to link your business’s social media profiles to the business listings for quick and easy access to these accounts. Doing this will help your audience reach you on various social media platforms and take a look at how you engage with your customers.

Share pictures

Sharing pictures of your business with your prospects gives your business a better chance to turn them into customers. When people can see how your products look or explore your facility online, without visiting your premises, your business’s authority grows and so does your web traffic.

Show off your best work

Some business directories like Hotfrog give you the option to share your best work with your potential clients. Shortlist some of your best work and share it with the world through your business listings. Your audience will be able to judge your business’s offerings better, and if they like what they see, they will contact you without dilly-dallying. And, that’s a win-win situation for both, your business and your future customers.

5 Tips to create an interesting listing on online business directories

Writing business listings is an art, and not everyone excels at it. If you want to sell your products and services at a rapid rate, then you must have an interesting listing ready for online business directories. To make your business listing work, here are some excellent tips to follow:

Keep it crisp yet informative The chances are high that hundreds of businesses are offering products or services similar to what you are selling to your customers. Then, how do you ensure that you are different from the rest? Well, highlighting your specialties and providing all the relevant information about your offerings is a must to create an engaging business listing.

Include the number of years your business has been in the industry, or if you are new to the field then include the reasons why people should trust you, and what’s exclusive that you are providing to your clientele? Provide a quick overview of your business in a few sentences to keep the listing interesting.

Include a ‘Call to Action’ One of the sure shot ways to convert business directory visitors into customers is to give them a direction. By including a call-to-action, you can easily tell your prospects what they need to do to get the amazing products and/or services that you provide. “Call now”, “Visit our store today” or “Book an appointment” – effective CTAs like these are the perfect way to generate customers’ interest and trigger response.

Market your USP There is no denying that every business excels at something. Be it customer service, quick availability or customized solutions, know what is it that your business excels at and what is it that your existing customers love about your business and turn it into your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

By clearly listing what your company can do to fulfill the needs of your customers, you tell them that you are well aware of their needs and are proficient enough to handle them. So, make sure that your business’s USP hits hard in your business listing description and is marketed in such a way that your business capitalizes on it well.

Help your potential clients to reach you Believe it or not, but some businesses fail to provide contact information on business listings. Seems like a silly mistake? Well, blame it on haste or inexperience, but that does happen. This is why it is important to provide all your contact information correctly so that your prospects know how can they reach you.

Make sure that your website URL is rightly added and give your location on the map as well. With the help of Google Maps, your customers can find your physical location, view your place on the maps and get driving directions too.

Don’t miss the extras Many online business directories provide features like adding special offers, images, videos and customer reviews, and it goes without saying that every potential customer likes a business listing with attractive images, informational videos, and genuine reviews.

Remember that these extra tabs are designed to help your business increase its credibility in the eyes of the visitors. Therefore, seize the opportunity by making good use of all these features and write a winning business description like a pro.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

  • Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories.
  • Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic.
  • Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing.
  • Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising.
  • Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links.

If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

5 Reasons to List your Business on a Local Online Business Directory

If you’re still speculating whether an online Business Listing is worthwhile, our experience watching our member businesses witness an amazing ROIs has led us to conclude that the answer is ‘YES’. Millions of websites, thousands of online advertisements and hundreds of local competitors are making it impossible to launch a new business and gain instant popularity and customer base.

One huge opportunity to gather instant visibility to your business is to list your products/services under a local online business directory. Remember the telephone directories and yellow pages of the 80’s? Well, online directories are pretty much the same but provide a wow-factor by reaching a specific set of target audience.

Here are 5 good reasons why you need to list your business on a popular online business directory.

Reason #1 Let your neighbourhood know your Business. Having your business listed on such local directories will improve your market presence, increase site traffic. Online business directories provide enormous opportunities for users to perform advanced filtering to help them connect with businesses of their interest. This helps you connect with local customers and also build your business’ local visibility within the community.

Reason #2 Get Found by Focused Buyers. Local Business Directories allow their users to browse for specific businesses based on location, category, and service. This is extremely advantageous for small businesses since the buyers who are looking for specific service have already decided to buy but are looking for the best supplier/vendor. Listings with 100% profile completeness and accuracy in terms of contact details, business address, website, and photographs are preferred by such focused buyers.

Reason #3 Inexpensive Advertising Platform. Advertising your business on another website (business directory) is a win-win situation for both the parties. Hence, most business listings are free and are charged a reasonable amount for other packages such as featured business on the home page, etc. Hence, you can list your business on a local directory at a small budget and low-maintenance cost.

Reason #4 One-Stop Access to Business Contact Details. Online Directories provide an amazing platform for businesses to provide their most updated contact details to the visitors. Certain directories also provide a member dashboard to edit profile information whenever you want, which makes it easier to keep the profile updated. Instant access to contact information contributes to lead generation and increased ROIs.

Reason #5 Get Reviewed. Get Noticed. Online Business Directories enable visitors to review businesses with a detailed description. Certain directories also allow visitors to sort and filter businesses based on reviews and ratings. As much as negative reviews can affect your business, positive reviews on an online platform boost your rankings to a greater extent. Requesting reviews from your happy customers, coupled with effective review management on multiple platforms using advanced tools make it easier to stay ahead in the competition.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

  • Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories.
  • Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic.
  • Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing.
  • Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising.
  • Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links.

If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

How to generate leads via Online Business Directories

The Internet is not as generous today, as it used to be about a decade ago. With almost every business turning towards the digital world, the competition online is as fierce as it could get. Thus, if you want to enjoy high profitability, then having a website for your business does not suffice anymore.

So, what is it that you must do to attract more customers? It’s simple: Make yourself known to people who might need the services your business offers! This can be done by listing your offerings on trusted online business directories, as it is a great way to generate more leads and find new customers.

What are Business Directories?

Simply put, the online business directories are the Internet’s version of Yellow Pages. Just like you find any relevant service provider in your area using a Yellow Pages index or a phone book, people interested in your services can find and contact you using an online directory. These directory listings contain information about your products and contact details of your business. Many listings also allow direct linking to your website’s URL, so that the visitors can explore all of your offerings.

In fact, these directories that are available on the Internet can cater to various industries, geographies, services, and products. This means you can easily list your business on these directories and reap the benefits that they deliver.

Why should you use them?

When you list your business on an online directory, you allow it to be visible to any potential client who is looking for similar offerings. While you might think social media can provide a good enough exposure to your company, it is just too vast an ocean with very low lead generation rate; especially if you have a product that caters to a specific segment or a specialized service. On Facebook or Twitter, your business is exposed to thousands of people, but you can never say for sure if even one of those would be interested in what you offer.

Compared to free social media campaigns, these directories offer better business leads as the people searching through them are genuine, potential clients, in need of the products or services that your business provides. With filtered results on the basis of location, domain, and related categories, people trust the listings on these directories. Thus, if you are listed in a trusted directory, chances are high that will get more leads than a business which is not.

How to effectively use online business directories to generate leads?

There are three golden rules to ensure high-quality lead generation from directory listings in a cost-effective manner. These are:

Select a relevant and trusted business directory If your business retails in medical equipment, then you surely wouldn’t want to be listed along with party planners. This is why it is important to select a business directory which is more relevant to your line of business. In case you are targeting only a regional audience, it would be a smart idea to narrow your scope and get your business listed in directories popular in that specific area to ensure more leads.

Provide complete, genuine information There is only limited space available to every listing, which is why it is imperative that you present as much information about your business as possible there. Make sure that your content on these listings is crisp, convincing and honest, so that the users do not deflect.

Be appealing to your target audience Remember that in order to earn more leads, your listing needs to be not only comprehensive but also very appealing. So, do mention some special deals, offers, etc. to ensure that the users select your business over others listed in the same directory.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories. Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic. Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising. Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links.

If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

5 Best Ways to Engage Customers within the Community?

For any business, the key to driving revenue lies in engaging the customers within the community. When you give your customers an environment where they can connect and interact with you better, you make way for a long-lasting relationship. So, how can you engage your customers within the community? Let’s take a look at five ways to do so.

Create an exclusive community team Create a team that is exclusively involved in managing your community. You do not need to invest a lot of money in establishing this team. You just need to set clear-cut roles and responsibilities amongst your employees to help them focus on their designated tasks related to community building and customer engagement. By acting as a bridge between your community and customers, this team should bring your business closer to different groups and support mutual growth and development.

Build a strategy and craft an action plan What is the purpose you wish to serve by having a community? How will your chosen community help your business to advance? And most importantly, how will you create a shared value for your brand as well as your customers with the help of a community?

Create a well-thought-out strategy that helps streamline your business processes and gives you a definite roadmap to set your focus on. Once you know what you wish to achieve, find out how will you achieve it. From the number of people, you will need to manage your community to the tools you will need to support it, your business should have an action plan that lists all the requirements and the ways to fulfill them.

Create compelling content Once you have a team of community experts onboard, the next and the most important step is to create compelling content on an ongoing basis. Begin by realizing the needs of your target audience and then create informational content that will help them know your brand better.

Find the social media channels that your audience is most active on. Then know about the type of content that these channels thrive on. Understand how can you create rich media to draw your audience towards your business and which type of content can incite action amongst your potential customers. Your content strategy should involve writing and publishing content that revolves around building a strong community for your business.

Make the most of crowdsourcing Another crucial aspect of community building and customer engagement is leveraging the power of the crowd. Realize what are the needs of your customers. What do they expect from you and how can you provide them the same?

You can read their comments on social media channels and sift through their emails to get better insights into their needs and corresponding behavior. Run contests or ask questions to know about your customers’ interests and to encourage high-value peer-to-peer interactions.

Understand what annoys your customers Remember that customers often build strong opinions about a brand and if you ignore their feedback's, then you might put your reputation at stake. A positive word of mouth has huge power to attract new customers and retain the existing ones, whereas a negative review can severely damage a business.

So, don’t just use customer insights to do what they expect you to and leave them there. Instead, use the same insights to know what your customers don’t like and avoid doing that at all costs.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory. Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories. Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic. Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising. Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links. If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

Zero Cost Marketing: Tips to market small businesses in the local community

No small business can ever expand without a strong marketing plan. But budget constraints may get in the way of business marketing. Well, the good news is: You don’t always need money for marketing your small business. There are a few creative ideas that can help you promote your business for free while making your presence felt in the local community. Let’s take a look at some of these zero-cost marketing tips:

Create a free website If you thought that creating a website would cost you several dollars, then think again. You can easily create a free website on WordPress.com and be present on the web. Yes, you might not get to use your own domain, but that’s alright as long as you are able to reach your target audience. You can always upgrade your website later.

Get listed in local business directories Online business directories are a great way to market any business. Find local online directories that your potential customers visit the most and list your business there. From Yelp and Angie's List to Foursquare, TripAdvisor and much more – you can put your business details on all such websites and market it for free.

Make the most of the Client Testimonials Your business works well, and your clients love your service. So, why don’t you make the best of it? Ask your clients to give you some good testimonials, so that you can then put them on your website. To create a significant presence in the local community, you can ask them to review your business on sites like Yelp and Google. The more positive reviews your company will have on these sites, the more positive impact they will have on your target audience, that too, without any expenditure.

Stay Active on Social Media You can quickly create business pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn without having to invest a penny. The chances are high that your customers already visit these sites. So, when you have a presence on these platforms, you easily reach your target market. But remember to get involved and post regular content on these channels. Interact with your followers frequently, or else they may lose interest in your business.

Mention your business details in email signatures A brilliant, no-cost marketing tactic is to mention your business information in your email signature. You can give a link to your website/blog and make it impressive enough to spark an interest amongst your email recipients.

Get a map location on Google My Business List your business on Google My Business and build local online visibility with Google Maps and Google Search. Doing this will not only improve your website rankings on the web but will also help your customers to reach you without any difficulty.

Participate in Local Community Events Volunteer in community events and represent your business locally. Meet as many people as you can and provide information about your business. Share your business card with them to help them reach out to you whenever needed. Networking is essential for small businesses. Look out for opportunities that can help you spread the word about your business and leverage them.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory. Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories. Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic. Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising. Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links. If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

Why does the world need online business directories?

When almost everything in this world has been modernized, then why not your business marketing tactics? Gone are the days to rely merely on those traditional phone books or Yellow Pages to advertise your business. It is time to get modern, it is time to be online. Keep reading to find out the importance of online business directories in today’s modern era.

Build brand recognition

With the presence of several ways to market your brand, it might get a little confusing to choose the right one. Well, online directories offer a highly effective way to build brand recognition. When you list your business on these sites, you get a huge exposure. Apart from a link to your website, you can also provide a brief introduction to your business and the products or services you provide. This will help your audience to learn more about you, without having to browse different websites or opening several tabs.

Targeted marketing improves your local visibility

When you list your local business in a local directory, you make it visible to the local community without any difficulty. This is particularly important if you run a small business and need more local customers to beat the competition and survive in the market. With instant search facilities offered by these directories, you can connect to your local customers instantly.

Cost effective business promotion

Often it is seen that businesses find it difficult to spend their funds on different marketing practices. So, if you are looking for a marketing method that generates higher returns in the long run, then online directories could be the perfect option to go for. Registration on an online business directory is usually free. You get a platform to list your company and provide details about it along with images, address information, contact number and even reviews. Thus, online business directories offer a lot at almost no cost.

Be more visible on Google

You can boost your SEO results by listing your business on a reputable business directory website that enjoys a high traffic rate. When your business gets registered on such a website, it enters into the good books of search engines like Google, giving your business a great visibility. When chosen well, online business directories can improve your ranks on the search engines and make your business all the more visible on the World Wide Web.

Quick and easy brand awareness

Registering your business in a local directory and managing the listing is simple. No technical expertise is needed to generate effective marketing and promotion results through online business listings. You can update your business information quite easily and create brand awareness in a quick manner, rather than spending hours on learning the technicalities involved in various other online marketing tactics like PPC, SMO, etc.

Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

An amazing benefit of getting listed on online business directories is that most of them have a review section. So, if your business is generating positive feedback in your industry, then chances are high that you can leverage the word of mouth publicity by having a presence on these business directories. Your happy customers will leave good reviews about your business on these sites and your potential clients will have a trusted source of information that will generate their interest in your business. Channelizing the power of word of mouth publicity will ultimately lead you to increased leads and higher revenues.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories. Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic. Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising. Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links. If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

Referral Marketing: A Great Way to Build Your Business

With so many companies offering similar products in the modern era, not all the claims made in advertisements attract audiences anymore. Your potential customers will not believe you when you say your product is great. But, they will surely consider you if one of their friends refer you to them. This is why referral marketing has become an integral part of business development strategies nowadays.

How do referrals work?

When your customers or users suggest others to use your product or service, the message has a certain trust factor attached to it. The referee, or the one who receives these messages, takes an effort to assess your offerings because it is recommended by someone they know.

Essentially a form of word of mouth publicity, referral marketing has become a norm in today’s time. Businesses offer a variety of incentives to entice their customers to refer their products/services to people they are connected to. Through referral marketing, businesses get the ability to utilize all kinds of social media and communications platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. These platforms enable businesses to tap into a seemingly endless pool of potential customers and users – something that every business requires in today’s highly competitive times.

How to make sure your customers refer you?

The most important thing is to offer a quality product/service that serves value to your customers. No matter how much discount or freebie offers you may give to your prospective customers, they will not refer you if they think you fail to deliver quality. The concept of referral helps you spread your message to a wider audience, but if the end result is not good enough, then the message has no value.

If you think your customers are or will be fairly satisfied with your offering, then you can motivate them to share your message with the people they meet or interact with in their daily lives. This motivation can come as a cash voucher, discount coupon or any other giveaway.

Keep the referral process very easy, preferably a click or two, so that your users do not get annoyed. Studies suggest that customers do not mind spending 3-4 seconds to refer something to their friends online. Anything more than that, and they are probably doing something else already. Also, carefully identify the Happy Moments in a user’s experience and prompt them to share a referral right at this happy moment. After all, happy customers are the best salesmen for a business!

How to make sure the referees consider you?

Emphasize that the referral is much more than just a marketing message from you; it is a recommendation from someone they know and trust. Personalize the message with names of the referrer to make sure that the person receiving it takes a moment to process it.

Not just the referrer, the referees love to get freebies too! Give them a reason to instantly act on the referral by offering a great discount or any other perk that would encourage them to try your product/service at least for once.

If used wisely, then referral marketing can go a long way to attract more audience and entice them to try your offerings. It also cements a rather strong first impression. Good for sales, easy on the pocket – referral marketing and its benefits are here to stay for sure!

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories. Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic. Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising. Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links. If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.

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