10 Tips For Strategic Local Marketing

Local Online Marketing for your business looks simple, straightforward and no-brainer for most business owners. However, it is one of the most critical mode of marketing for your business, because businesses that master the local market can easily move forward to securing a larger multi-city market.

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This article intends to provide 10 tips to create an effective, strategic and robust local marketing model for your business. Here we go.

Tip #1 Create a Mobile-friendly website This is the first website to begin your local online business marketing practices. A majority of internet users are using mobile to view websites, hence a mobile-friendly responsive website is what you need in the first place.

Tip #2 Use Social Media for Engagement Whether you just started or have been in business for long, the right time to start social media management is right now. Home to a huge audience, and a large number of potential customers, social media is an inexpensive and easy way to explore those untapped client markets.

Tip #3 Keep your audience engaged Both traditional and digital marketing work with a common aim - customer engagement. Social Media plays a key role in engaging with existing customers, keeping them updated with new offers, deals and coupons; and generating new leads.

Tip #4 Know your Audience When it comes to local marketing, market analysis plays a key role. Knowing your audience before you launch any marketing strategy makes it easier to customize your marketing models as per your audience preference. Basic audience demographic information such as age, gender, occupation etc. are a great place to start off.

Tip #5 Use Call to Action (CTA) in Ads Call to Action (CTA) in Ads on your social profiles or digital ads can boost your ad performance and drive action. Using CTAs to get your audience to contact you rather than visiting your profile/website simplifies and makes your local marketing efforts more focussed.

Tip #6 Do not underestimate the power of blog articles Local businesses do not consider blog writing as a critical process when it comes to marketing. Adopting regular blogging practices not only boost your SEO efforts but also showcases your expertise in the field.

Tip #7 Focus on Quality, not Frequency In regards to social media management or content writing, most businesses focus on publishing writeups and articles on regular basis rather than adopting a content strategy that focuses on results. It is essential to create a consistent and active content marketing strategy; however, it is more essential to create quality content that can capture audience attention and boost brand reliability.

Tip #8 Hire an SEO Expert. Local Business Marketing is a synonym of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing your website & blog articles with the right keywords not only boost your site search engine ranking but also drives more visitors to your website, contributes to lead generation, and thereby overall growth of your business.

Tip #9 Follow the 80-20 Rule. As much as we agree that digital marketing is a critical part of your business marketing strategy, never underestimate the power of other traditional marketing methods. If 80% of your marketing model comprises digital marketing; then 20% should comprise SMS Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing and Affiliate Marketing among others.

Tip #10 Local Networking. As a local business, it is essential that you are aware of the businesses in your area in order to increase exposure and attract more customers. Networking includes attending local business events, meeting with other related service providers to grow your network for referral marketing.