10 Types of Local Marketing you need to implement right away

Businesses that have an online as well as a physical presence can get the best of both worlds. While digital marketing can drive website traffic, local marketing can drive more foot traffic to a physical store. Also known as “location-based marketing”, Local Marketing helps businesses to find success locally.

Even though customer shopping is largely restricted to the web these days, there are still millions of customers who search for that go-to shop or store to get the products or services they need. So, to out-do local and global competition, a business must never stop its local marketing efforts. Here are ten types of local marketing strategies your business needs to adopt without further ado:

Take advantage of review sites Positive reviews go a long way in promoting your business and attracting local customers. Include these customer reviews into your organic social content to instill trust among potential customers, and ultimately increase store visits.

Use Facebook Ad Targeting Facebook, one of the most visited social-media sites, can help you build a stronger local customer base with its ads. Target these ads based on the audience’s location and let your posts reach only the customers you want to approach.

Visit networking events Face-to-face networking can never lose its touch. So, if you want your local audience to know you, then make sure to attend relevant networking events in your area. Be seen to be found.

Engage in charity Besides helping you be in the local news, getting involved in charity work is also important for your business to come across as a socially responsible and credible entity. You can sponsor local events or contribute funds to a social cause to create awareness about your business locally.

Include store information and map directions on your website Make your business easily accessible to local customers by providing information about store address, timings, contact details and a Google Maps widget that will help people reach your store without any difficulty.

Distribute a newsletter A crisp and concise newsletter can help any business create awareness within the local community. Email this newsletter every month to build a rapport with your existing customers and keep them involved with the initiatives your business is taking.

Stay updated on Google MyBusiness By giving instant visibility to your business on Google, Google MyBusiness helps you target your local clients instantly. All that you need to do is to claim your business listing. And once you have done that, maintain it to enhance your local presence.

Reach out to the local media A business can easily grab more eyeballs by getting an article published in a local newspaper. Whether you have an upcoming product launch or your business has achieved a milestone, a news article can generate incredible public interest in your brand.

Please your existing customers A discount offer or a special surprise gift can never go wrong in pleasing your customers. So, make the most of word of mouth marketing by taking care of your existing customers and increase your local presence.

Value your employees Offer vouchers or referral bonus to employees who recommend your business to their friends and families. Sometimes giving your employee network a referral nudge can create an awesome local customer portfolio for your business.