5 Best Ways to Engage Customers within the Community?

For any business, the key to driving revenue lies in engaging the customers within the community. When you give your customers an environment where they can connect and interact with you better, you make way for a long-lasting relationship. So, how can you engage your customers within the community? Let’s take a look at five ways to do so.

Create an exclusive community team Create a team that is exclusively involved in managing your community. You do not need to invest a lot of money in establishing this team. You just need to set clear-cut roles and responsibilities amongst your employees to help them focus on their designated tasks related to community building and customer engagement. By acting as a bridge between your community and customers, this team should bring your business closer to different groups and support mutual growth and development.

Build a strategy and craft an action plan What is the purpose you wish to serve by having a community? How will your chosen community help your business to advance? And most importantly, how will you create a shared value for your brand as well as your customers with the help of a community?

Create a well-thought-out strategy that helps streamline your business processes and gives you a definite roadmap to set your focus on. Once you know what you wish to achieve, find out how will you achieve it. From the number of people, you will need to manage your community to the tools you will need to support it, your business should have an action plan that lists all the requirements and the ways to fulfill them.

Create compelling content Once you have a team of community experts onboard, the next and the most important step is to create compelling content on an ongoing basis. Begin by realizing the needs of your target audience and then create informational content that will help them know your brand better.

Find the social media channels that your audience is most active on. Then know about the type of content that these channels thrive on. Understand how can you create rich media to draw your audience towards your business and which type of content can incite action amongst your potential customers. Your content strategy should involve writing and publishing content that revolves around building a strong community for your business.

Make the most of crowdsourcing Another crucial aspect of community building and customer engagement is leveraging the power of the crowd. Realize what are the needs of your customers. What do they expect from you and how can you provide them the same?

You can read their comments on social media channels and sift through their emails to get better insights into their needs and corresponding behavior. Run contests or ask questions to know about your customers’ interests and to encourage high-value peer-to-peer interactions.

Understand what annoys your customers Remember that customers often build strong opinions about a brand and if you ignore their feedback's, then you might put your reputation at stake. A positive word of mouth has huge power to attract new customers and retain the existing ones, whereas a negative review can severely damage a business.

So, don’t just use customer insights to do what they expect you to and leave them there. Instead, use the same insights to know what your customers don’t like and avoid doing that at all costs.

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