5 Tips to create an interesting listing on online business directories

Writing business listings is an art, and not everyone excels at it. If you want to sell your products and services at a rapid rate, then you must have an interesting listing ready for online business directories. To make your business listing work, here are some excellent tips to follow:

Keep it crisp yet informative The chances are high that hundreds of businesses are offering products or services similar to what you are selling to your customers. Then, how do you ensure that you are different from the rest? Well, highlighting your specialties and providing all the relevant information about your offerings is a must to create an engaging business listing.

Include the number of years your business has been in the industry, or if you are new to the field then include the reasons why people should trust you, and what’s exclusive that you are providing to your clientele? Provide a quick overview of your business in a few sentences to keep the listing interesting.

Include a ‘Call to Action’ One of the sure shot ways to convert business directory visitors into customers is to give them a direction. By including a call-to-action, you can easily tell your prospects what they need to do to get the amazing products and/or services that you provide. “Call now”, “Visit our store today” or “Book an appointment” – effective CTAs like these are the perfect way to generate customers’ interest and trigger response.

Market your USP There is no denying that every business excels at something. Be it customer service, quick availability or customized solutions, know what is it that your business excels at and what is it that your existing customers love about your business and turn it into your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

By clearly listing what your company can do to fulfill the needs of your customers, you tell them that you are well aware of their needs and are proficient enough to handle them. So, make sure that your business’s USP hits hard in your business listing description and is marketed in such a way that your business capitalizes on it well.

Help your potential clients to reach you Believe it or not, but some businesses fail to provide contact information on business listings. Seems like a silly mistake? Well, blame it on haste or inexperience, but that does happen. This is why it is important to provide all your contact information correctly so that your prospects know how can they reach you.

Make sure that your website URL is rightly added and give your location on the map as well. With the help of Google Maps, your customers can find your physical location, view your place on the maps and get driving directions too.

Don’t miss the extras Many online business directories provide features like adding special offers, images, videos and customer reviews, and it goes without saying that every potential customer likes a business listing with attractive images, informational videos, and genuine reviews.

Remember that these extra tabs are designed to help your business increase its credibility in the eyes of the visitors. Therefore, seize the opportunity by making good use of all these features and write a winning business description like a pro.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

  • Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories.
  • Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic.
  • Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing.
  • Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising.
  • Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links.

If you wish to make this happen for your business, contact us today at contact@go2pcr.com and we will take care of the rest.