5 tips for local service providers to provide excellent customer service

The success of your business comes down to two simple things: how satisfied are your customers with your service and how likely they are to refer your business to others. However, if winning customers is a tricky affair, then keeping them happy after sales is even trickier. If you think that providing a great service is all about your approach towards your customers, then you are in for a great surprise. It takes much more than that.

This article will look at five ways to provide excellent customer service, to help your local business excel in your chosen niche. Let’s take a look:

Keep your business centered around customers

There is no denying that a bad product or service is bound to fail, but if you are selling something good, then do not hesitate in centering it around your customers. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or a website, keep everything user-friendly and as per the taste of your target audience.

Convey your brand’s ethos through various communication channels. Provide business pamphlets or cards containing contact information including phone numbers, email address and social media handles to make sure your customers can reach you easily.

Respond quickly

Build help desks and support forums to help your customers contact you in case of any urgent query. And once you have such support systems in place, don’t forget to respond quickly. Understand the nature of different queries and reply to your customers’ time-sensitive requests as soon as possible.

Delaying a response on a client’s phone call, email, or chat can only lead to resentment. No matter whether their request or query can be solved immediately or not, acknowledging the request through a quick response can assure them that they are important to you – and that’s something customers always love knowing.

Get personal

In today’s digital era, personal touch is losing its way. To stand out from the rest of your competitors, add a bit of personalization in the way you interact with your customers. Rather than providing automated responses to queries, make the customers feel valued with personalized responses.

Reply to your customers’ comments on social media sites, send them handwritten notes on special occasions, or just call them to get a personal feedback on your service – after all, pleasing your customers doesn’t always have to be technical.

Do not ignore negative feedback

Addressing feedback rightly can help you bring back even your lost customers. You can turn a dissatisfied customer experience around by taking their feedback seriously and addressing the issue promptly.

There’s always a way to rectify a mistake. So, if your staff has failed to match your customer’s expectations, try to understand what solutions you can offer for standing up to them. Earning customer loyalty may be difficult at times but going that extra mile can be the driving force for your company’s success.


Amplify your customers’ happiness by following up with them after a few days to see how well your service suited their needs. Treat them as a part of your business family, and you will receive the love back. You can even conduct special webinars, trade shows and social media contests to provide information about what new your business is offering while rewarding your customers with special coupons, services, and prizes.