How to generate leads via Online Business Directories

The Internet is not as generous today, as it used to be about a decade ago. With almost every business turning towards the digital world, the competition online is as fierce as it could get. Thus, if you want to enjoy high profitability, then having a website for your business does not suffice anymore.

So, what is it that you must do to attract more customers? It’s simple: Make yourself known to people who might need the services your business offers! This can be done by listing your offerings on trusted online business directories, as it is a great way to generate more leads and find new customers.

What are Business Directories?

Simply put, the online business directories are the Internet’s version of Yellow Pages. Just like you find any relevant service provider in your area using a Yellow Pages index or a phone book, people interested in your services can find and contact you using an online directory. These directory listings contain information about your products and contact details of your business. Many listings also allow direct linking to your website’s URL, so that the visitors can explore all of your offerings.

In fact, these directories that are available on the Internet can cater to various industries, geographies, services, and products. This means you can easily list your business on these directories and reap the benefits that they deliver.

Why should you use them?

When you list your business on an online directory, you allow it to be visible to any potential client who is looking for similar offerings. While you might think social media can provide a good enough exposure to your company, it is just too vast an ocean with very low lead generation rate; especially if you have a product that caters to a specific segment or a specialized service. On Facebook or Twitter, your business is exposed to thousands of people, but you can never say for sure if even one of those would be interested in what you offer.

Compared to free social media campaigns, these directories offer better business leads as the people searching through them are genuine, potential clients, in need of the products or services that your business provides. With filtered results on the basis of location, domain, and related categories, people trust the listings on these directories. Thus, if you are listed in a trusted directory, chances are high that will get more leads than a business which is not.

How to effectively use online business directories to generate leads?

There are three golden rules to ensure high-quality lead generation from directory listings in a cost-effective manner. These are:

Select a relevant and trusted business directory If your business retails in medical equipment, then you surely wouldn’t want to be listed along with party planners. This is why it is important to select a business directory which is more relevant to your line of business. In case you are targeting only a regional audience, it would be a smart idea to narrow your scope and get your business listed in directories popular in that specific area to ensure more leads.

Provide complete, genuine information There is only limited space available to every listing, which is why it is imperative that you present as much information about your business as possible there. Make sure that your content on these listings is crisp, convincing and honest, so that the users do not deflect.

Be appealing to your target audience Remember that in order to earn more leads, your listing needs to be not only comprehensive but also very appealing. So, do mention some special deals, offers, etc. to ensure that the users select your business over others listed in the same directory.

Here’s what you will achieve by listing your site on a local online business directory.

Enhanced market presence by listing on multiple local business directories. Increased Customer Base through targeted user traffic. Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising. Unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links.

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