Referral Marketing: A Great Way to Build Your Business

With so many companies offering similar products in the modern era, not all the claims made in advertisements attract audiences anymore. Your potential customers will not believe you when you say your product is great. But, they will surely consider you if one of their friends refer you to them. This is why referral marketing has become an integral part of business development strategies nowadays.

How do referrals work?

When your customers or users suggest others to use your product or service, the message has a certain trust factor attached to it. The referee, or the one who receives these messages, takes an effort to assess your offerings because it is recommended by someone they know.

Essentially a form of word of mouth publicity, referral marketing has become a norm in today’s time. Businesses offer a variety of incentives to entice their customers to refer their products/services to people they are connected to. Through referral marketing, businesses get the ability to utilize all kinds of social media and communications platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. These platforms enable businesses to tap into a seemingly endless pool of potential customers and users – something that every business requires in today’s highly competitive times.

How to make sure your customers refer you?

The most important thing is to offer a quality product/service that serves value to your customers. No matter how much discount or freebie offers you may give to your prospective customers, they will not refer you if they think you fail to deliver quality. The concept of referral helps you spread your message to a wider audience, but if the end result is not good enough, then the message has no value.

If you think your customers are or will be fairly satisfied with your offering, then you can motivate them to share your message with the people they meet or interact with in their daily lives. This motivation can come as a cash voucher, discount coupon or any other giveaway.

Keep the referral process very easy, preferably a click or two, so that your users do not get annoyed. Studies suggest that customers do not mind spending 3-4 seconds to refer something to their friends online. Anything more than that, and they are probably doing something else already. Also, carefully identify the Happy Moments in a user’s experience and prompt them to share a referral right at this happy moment. After all, happy customers are the best salesmen for a business!

How to make sure the referees consider you?

Emphasize that the referral is much more than just a marketing message from you; it is a recommendation from someone they know and trust. Personalize the message with names of the referrer to make sure that the person receiving it takes a moment to process it.

Not just the referrer, the referees love to get freebies too! Give them a reason to instantly act on the referral by offering a great discount or any other perk that would encourage them to try your product/service at least for once.

If used wisely, then referral marketing can go a long way to attract more audience and entice them to try your offerings. It also cements a rather strong first impression. Good for sales, easy on the pocket – referral marketing and its benefits are here to stay for sure!

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